G N Brewer Ltd was founded by Grant and Sue Brewer in 1974 with Grant running the drainlaying work and Sue looking after the office.

The business ran well from the start with its reputation for being one of the best in the business rapidly growing. In 1998 Grant and Sue started to consider retiring and sold the business to their son Deane and long-time employee Vaughan Snowdon.

Deane and Vaughan began the process of buying the business and taking over some of the management roles from this time on and in 2005 Grant and Sue retired.

The company is still run as a family business today with Deane and Vaughan as directors and their wives Rachel and Merissa running the office.


We specialise in:

Blocked drain clearing
Drain cleaning
Pipe locating
Repairs and Alterations
New housing
New road laterals and subdivisions
Fault finding
Drainage consultancy - free quotes.
Pipe doctor repair system
CCTV pipe videoing.
Hill specialists
Pipe bursting and trenchless pipe relaying