Blocked Drain Clearing:

We offer a 7 day service for all urgent sewer and stormwater blockages. We have one of Christchurch's most experienced blocked drain teams clearing drains all day Monday to Friday with experienced on-call staff for after hours call-outs. Using various methods we can clear blockages from sinks, toilets, gully traps, sumps and downpipes to main sewer and stormwater lines. Methods available: We have a range of Rigid machines which are ideal for cutting out tree roots and other sources of severely blocked drains without any excavation being required. We have a high pressure water-blasting unit which is ideal for cleaning out silt or fat build-up in your lines which can cause blockages. Sometimes we will use conventional drainage rods where we can gain access to the line to clear some of the more stubborn blockages.

Drain cleaning:

We can clean your drains on a regular basis to prevent a build-up of residues or silt and prevent blockages occurring. This is often done in factories that have a lot of fat or other substances that go down the line to avoid blockages during production or in carparks to avoid flooding.

Pipe locating:

With our latest technology colour CCTV video camera we can view your drainage lines and track and locate our camera head to give you an exact reading of the pipe position and depth. This is ideal for marking out problem areas so only a specific area needs to be excavated or for tracking existing lines where there are no records available so they can be put on a mapping plan.

Repairs and Alterations:

No job is too small. We can repair any damaged or faulty sections of pipe for you from waste pipes to large mains. We regularly do work ranging from 1m repairs to a full drain relay. We guarantee that all our jobs are undertaken and run by registered drainlayers and can provide a free quote.

New Housing:

As our staff base is made up mostly of registered drainlayers who complete work according to the New Zealand building code you can guarantee that your drains will be laid correctly and with maximum speed. As we believe in the philosophy of 'do it once, do it right' we only use 100mm sewer grade pipe and not the cheaper 90mm varieties. We will provide you with a free quote for your job and are always happy to meet you on site to discuss your requirements.

New road laterals and subdivisions:

We are a Christchurch City Council approved contractor and a large part of our business is installing new laterals (sewer and stormwater drains out to the main Council drain in the road.) We also install new laterals for numerous other local drainlaying companies. As we are well equipped for this job and experienced it ensures that the job is done cost effectively. We can meet you on site to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free quote.

Fault Finding:

We specialise in fault finding and are frequently recommended by the Council and other contractors for finding and rectifying the source of a drainage problem. Using our CCTV and location equipment along with dye testing and our advanced knowledge we are able to discover the source of problems and make recommendations. We can provide you with a colour DVD of any video of your drains to help you understand where problems are occurring.

Drainage Consulting:

We are able to provide you our professional advice on drainage matters and regularly work with architects and engineers to help them design the most efficient and cost effective systems possible. This can be from flooding problems to full construction developments.


Our truck mounted water-blasting unit is ideal for clearing silt, fat build-up or other debris from your drains as well as cleaning up any mess once the job is completed.

Pipe Doctor Repair System:

Our pipe doctor repair system is a lining system where we can re-line the inside of the pipe by entering further along the line, feeding the pipe doctor down the line and installing a patch lining. This is an ideal solution for fixing small areas which may be under the floor slab or new concrete drive or where it is not desirable or possible to dig it up.

CCTV pipe viewing:

We are Christchurch's most experienced drainlayers at videoing drains. We purchased one of the first black and white cameras when they came onto the market and now we own a colour, latest model MP4 camera. We can view and record drain lines from 80mm diameter to larger lines and locate any cracks, root penetration, cable damage, collapsed pipes, foreign objects in the line etc. We can supply you a DVD copy of this for your information. Once problems are located we can mark them out to prevent excess excavation which would make more mess and be more costly. The video takes away any guess work, allows us to know exactly what is required to remedy the problem and avoids the unnecessary expense of inaccurate work.

Hill Specialists:

With our hard-working and skilled staff we are able to take on some of the more technical hill jobs that many other drainlayers choose to avoid. Some of these jobs can also be very labour intensive and as we have a good number of staff we can put many hands on the job to get it done as efficiently as possible. We have a sound knowledge of pumping systems for sewer and stormwater lines. Due to our experience in hillside work and our good reputation we regularly find ourselves asked to remedy hill drainage and pumps that have been installed incorrectly.

Pipe bursting and trenchless pipe relaying:

Using our latest technology porta-burst pipe bursting machine we are able to relay existing lines in Restrain PVC pipe or HDPE with as little digging as 2 x 1m square holes and relay lines up to 45m long. With this new technology we can relay lines under houses, garages, driveways and landscaped areas with minimal disruption to the affected area. Please see attached video link for more information

We specialise in:

Blocked drain clearing
Drain cleaning
Pipe locating
Repairs and Alterations
New housing
New road laterals and subdivisions
Fault finding
Drainage consultancy - free quotes.
Pipe doctor repair system
CCTV pipe videoing.
Hill specialists
Pipe bursting and trenchless pipe relaying